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Qt5 with linuxfb and keyboard

  • Hi there

    I have cross-compiled Qt5 (5.2.0) for my i386 target and I am running a browser application that comes with the examples in Qt5. I run the application with -platform linuxfb -plugin evdevkeyboard:/dev/even2 evdevmouse:/dev/event3. The mouse is not working at all but the keyboard is partly working.
    If I press the shift, alt or other control keys, the browser application gets an input and which is interpreted as a normal key press.
    Is there anything additional that I need to do to have the keyboard properly working ? what about the mouse ?


  • Are there some keymaps I need to have before being able to have a correctly functional keyboard ?

  • I have the same problems, but on ARM platform. And as a consequence events from tslib also don't work.

  • I have found root of this issue.

    Here you are patch for linuxfb platform plugin:

    diff -ru linuxfb.origin/qlinuxfbintegration.cpp linuxfb/qlinuxfbintegration.cpp
    --- linuxfb.origin/qlinuxfbintegration.cpp<>2013-12-08 21:09:53.000000000 +0400
    +++ linuxfb/qlinuxfbintegration.cpp<--->2013-12-25 17:03:35.881628216 +0400@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@
    : m_fontDb(new QGenericUnixFontDatabase())
    m_primaryScreen = new QLinuxFbScreen(paramList);

    • screenAdded(m_primaryScreen);
    • if (m_primaryScreen->initialize())
    •    screenAdded(m_primaryScreen);


  • Hi there and thank you for your response.

    I have already tried those changes but with no success.

    I however made it work with tslib, but had to acquire a modified version of it from:

    Then after calibrating could ran my application with -plugin tslib:/dev/event4 (or whatever your device is) it worked.

    hope it helps.

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