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  • Im run the Ubuntu Linux Base 13.10 OS, Qt4 upgraded to Qt5, Creator 2.7 Im having two problems at this time. When I run Qt it only stays open for about five minites or so. Also when your in the Welcome tab if you click anything it opens a new window but the window is see thogh. What is going on with it because it was working just fine?

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    welcome to devnet

    You need to give more details, if you are looking for help from this forum. Nobody of us has a working crystal ball.

    What OS?
    Which version of Qt installed where?
    Which Qt creator version?

  • Does Anyone have some ideas that could help?

  • Did you installed it from package or did you compiled it from source?
    Did you tried to re-install from scratch the Qt Creator and/or Qt libs?

    For your information, I am running Ubuntu 13.10 with Qt 5.0.2 and Qt Creator 2.7.1 without any problems.

  • I used package and i did re-install still didnt work so tred from source and still didnt so Im think going to a newer set of libs and creator. With that said when is the next stable release coming out? Thank you.

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    Qt Creator 3 and Qt 5.2 just got release on december 12.

    If you are using Ubuntu packages, then you will need to ask them

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