Unable to install/find arm compiler

  • I have installed Qt 5.2 on my Fedora 20 machine. I try to follow the manual on creating a sample app, but I fail when I am to choose armv7 - I get a warning saying that my /usr/lib/ccache/g++ compiler can not produce armv7 code. I look through the compilers registered and find only this x86 compiler. I have other arm compilers installed in /usr/lib/ccache, but they do not register in Qt Creator.... Please help. How do I proceed?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Go in Options -> Build & Run -> Compilers

    There you can add your compilers

  • Ok, but if I do that I get a message saying: "you need to set the android_ndk_tool environment variable to point to your android ndk", and if I do that nothing changes. My point was this: QtCreator comes with options for x86, arm5 and arm7 so is it really the case that if I decide to choose anything but x86 I have to go through the usual rigmarole of compiling and installing crosscompiler, setting up several development environments, linking it all together and then having qtcreator recognize all this.... I though this by now would be solved by qt? No? Nobody use qtcreator to develope code for android-x86 (linux-x86 OR android-arm make sense) - so why are options for arm available if this is really not the case?

    Sorry for my rant, but I went through all this a few years ago developing Qt programs for arm. If anyone hopes qt on android to be used by more than 10 people this can surely not be the standard still? Or am I wrong?

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    No you don't, you need to install the sdk/ndk from Google and set them up in the Android panel. Google provides the tools you need to build for their platform, this includes the various architecture cross-compilers.

    No, it's not the standard for Android, and generally speaking for cross-compilation. Several open embedded projects provide either pre-built toolchains or means to build them automatically. AFAIK, for Android, the ndk/sdk provided the cross-compilers from the start. At least they where when Bogdan started the Necessitas project (original Qt 4 port)

  • Ahhh. Excellent. I will give this a try then. Thank you.

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