Qt and tslib, connected and disconnected touch screen

  • Hello,

    I have surf in the net looking for a solution or explanation about a problem that I have in my embedded device.

    I use Qt embedded 4.6.2 with tslib to support my touch screen. All works fine.
    But days ago I have found a problem. If I disconnet / connect touch screen from USB while Qt app is running, touch screen doesnt work again. But If I restart Qt app, touch screen works fine again.

    I supposed that problem is linux driver (INPUT driver). I reboot my CPU and linux detect touch screen as input0, event0. Well, now I disconnect and connect again and linux detect my touch screen as input1, event0.

    Ok, the problem is my kernel detect touch screen as different device.
    At the same time, when I disconnect touch screen, Qt app show me this message:
    "tslib: Selected device is not a Linux input event device".

    Any advice.
    Thank you very much.

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