[SOLVED] Wince: How to use WinApi with qt?

  • Hi,

    i need to use some winapi funcionts into a wince qt project.
    if i try to use

    @HWND hTaskBarWnd = ::FindWindow(_T("HHTaskBar"), NULL);@

    to retrieve wince menubar id it gives me FindWindow identifier not found

    If i add

    @include <Winuser,h>@

    it gives me a lot of errors like BOOL identifier not found etc etc

    What ia have to do to use WinApi functions in a qt project?


  • Hi,

    there is a typo in your include (must be Winuser.h).
    (does it solve the problem?).

    When I used winapi-functions in a 'windows qt project' I included windows.h and it worked fine for me.

  • It works!

    Thanks a lot!

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