Wich QT to download ?

  • i lost between all the QTs on the download page

    my only goal is to be able to use inline asm (masm syntax), and c++11, on x86 windows platform (xp and above)
    can anyone please suggest to me an easy way, to set up my envirement.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you want to use masm, you'll have to use one of the Visual Studio edition. Adding c++11 the latest version of VS is better so it would mean 2012. Beware that you will have to do some special configuration to build for XP with 2012.

    Qt 4.8.5 already support c++11, but if you are starting fresh, you can use Qt 5.2.

    Hope it helps

  • yes i do have vs 2012 license, and i made my configuration to build for win xp.
    but i lately buy a book that describe the use of qt library, i was really impressive.

    i want to install qt on a fresh windows, my question, is that do i need to download vs compiler separately, to build my qt project, or qt will come preconfigured with all the required packages?

    i spend the whole day looking for an answer, but no luck.

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    You have to install VS first, Microsoft is the only provider for Visual Studio. The right order of installation is: Visual Studio and then Qt

  • thank you SGaist,
    i will do as you suggest.

    correct me if am wrong, i need to use the right QT from the download page, that fit my envirement setup. QT msvc 2012 above vs 2012 and so on.

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    Even more: use the Qt package that corresponds exactly to your Visual Studio.

  • it works
    i install qt vs 2010 on top of visual studio 2010

    isn't there a way to download a full qt developpement envirement, without the need of getting extra tools, like vs 2012.
    i mean just download QT, install it on a fresh windows installation, and every thing will work fine ...!

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    In that case, you can use the MinGW package, it come with the MinGW compiler (32bit) as well as Qt Creator and you can start hacking directly

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