Different lib size when export project from VisualStudio to QtCreator

  • I am trying to code with QtCreator in Windows using the VisualStudio compiler. Initially I used VCPROJ in VisualStudio to compile my libraries and applications.

    The problem I have found is when I export the VCPROJ to QtCreator (.pro file) and I compile the library, the result of this library has differencies with the generated with VisualStudio. For production reasons I need that both libraries be the same in byte extension.

    There is any problem with the Add-in of Visual Studio that does not import all parameters of VCPROJ?

    For more information: I use Qt 4.8.3, Visual Studio 2005 and QtCreator 2.8.1.

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    Good question, can you compare the compile output from both to see if there's some flags that are changed ?

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