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Qt compilation exited with code -1073741515

  • Hi,
    I am developing an image processing application in Qt. I had problems with libs. I tried commenting all the libs, which I was not using. Now the build happens correctly. But I get this error when I run the application. What's reason for this error. I use VS 20!2, Qt 4.8.5 and QMake for building.

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    It's not a compilation issue. You have one or more missing dependencies when starting your application. Check that the PATH contains all folders to the dlls your application needs

  • Just a side note:

    This exit code should be interpreted as an unsigned 32-Bit value. Then you get -1073741515 ⇒ 0xC0000135, which is the "NT status code": for STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND. It means Windows could not start the program, because a required DLL file is missing.

  • Hi,
    I checked running the .exe which was generated it pops up itkcommon.dll is not found. But I built all the libs as static, not dynamic. I have also added the libpath of itk and vtk in environmental variables.Is there any work around for the problem?

  • Put "itkcommon.dll" into the same directory where the EXE file is located. Alternatively you could put it into one of the directories in your PATH environment variable or into the SYSTEM directory.

    For details see "Dynamic-Link Library Search Order":

    Furthermore, I highly recommend you try this tool:

    DependencyWalker is a must-have for tracking down DLL dependencies :-)

  • Hi,
    But the problem is i built all the libs as static, not dynamic. I have already added the static lib to the project file, i couldn't find the itkcommon.dll as i didn't built any libs as dynamic...

  • If your application depends on "itkcommon.dll", which it obviously does (but you may want to verify that with Dependency Walker), it was built using a dynamically linked version ITK. No doubt about that. So if you want to link statically, please make sure you really have built ITK as a static lib and that you are linking against the correct (static) .lib file! Please keep in mind that, on Windows, there are two completely different "flavors" of .lib files: Static libraries and import libraries. Import libraries are .lib files too, but they're only "stub" files that make your EXE file depend on the corresponding DLL.

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