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  • Does it possible use Qt5 to programming Cocos2dx?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should rather ask this on the cocos2dx forums/mailing list, they are probably a better source of information about that

  • I think you can ask V-Play.

  • You can setup Qt for cocos2d-x. See "Qt 5 Environment Setup":http://www.cocos2d-x.org/wiki/Qt_5_Environment_Setup for more info. The setup guide is "tailored towards Linux" but may possibly be tweaked for other platforms.

    In addition, there is a cocos2d-x port to Qt that you can find at "GitHub":https://github.com/nokia-developer/cocos2d-x-qt. I'm not sure what's required to build and run it.

  • I just checked V-Play and it looks like they're using Qt 4.8.1 and Qt Creator 2.3 (or 2.4.1?). I sent them an email to confirm this, ask if V-Play could be configured to work with more recent versions of Qt and Qt Creator and find out when they plan to support Qt 5.2 and Qt Creator 3.0. However, unless I misunderstand your original post, this may be irrelevant to you. Is this correct???

  • Karl,

    I looked closely at cocos2d-x and its variants when I was considering looking for a new development environment around 2-3 months ago. [I was starting to use MoSync but they went bankrupt in June and it didn't become known for several months.] CocoStudio has some nice features but Cocosino (a "companion" product) needs a lot of work. There is also cocos2d (for iOS), cocos2d-html5 (for mobile browsers and hybrid apps), etc. You can even get their source code at "Cocos2d GitHub Repositories":https://github.com/cocos2d.

    Cocos2d-x was actually my second choice but Qt has a lot to offer, despite some deficiencies. There are a LOT of great code samples and they have a responsive forum (especially with people like Samuel Gaist, Tomasz Siekierda and several other knowledgeable people who are extremely helpful.)

  • Hi Karl & Steve,
    I have just answered the email of Steve, but thought I will also give my advice here on the forums..

    At V-Play, we have created a Qt-based gaming API which internally uses cocos2d-x as the rendering technology. This allowed us to combine the best of 2 worlds: cocos2d-x with its high performance, and using QML & JavaScript for the game logic and scripting interface, with Qt Creator as the top-class cross-platform IDE.

    What it also allowed us to do, is to support iOS & Android with a 60 fps framerate already since the official launch in December 2012. :)

    However, with Qt 5.2 rendering performance is equally good (and in some cases even better) than cocos2d-x, which is the reason why we ar transitioning our currently Qt 4.8.1 based engine core to Qt 5.2. This will be available as major V-Play update early 2014! Good news for V-Play developers is, that the "V-Play gaming API":http://v-play.net/doc/vplay-group.html will stay the same so you do not need to change your V-Play games created until then, and you can start developing V-Play right away. :)

    You can also use the latest Qt Creator with V-Play already, and we have explained how to do so in our docs here: http://v-play.net/doc/vplay-installation.html#qt-creator-considerations

    I have been using cocos2d-iphone and cocos2d-x since its early versions since 2008, but I found QML and JavaScript so powerful and faster to develop (which is why I started working on V-Play in the first place ;)
    We also have some comparisons of the cocos2d-x API with V-Play on our website here: http://v-play.net/benefits/#cocosdeveloper

    Most notably, we built the same game with cocos2d-x and with V-Play - the result was we saved more than 60% lines of code.. You can find the comparison here:

    If you have any V-Play-related questions, you can use our "support forums":http://support.v-play.net, or ask any Qt-related questions here on qt-project.

    All the best for your game, and share your development experience with us. :)

    Christian Feldbacher
    Co-Founder V-Play

  • Christian,

    Thanks for your detailed reply. I will look more closely at V-Play and especially the links you provided.

    BTW, have you looked at CocoStudio? It has some interesting capabilities but I don't know if the source code is available like it is for cocos2d-x, etc.

  • [quote author="feldifux" date="1386060100"]However, with Qt 5.2 rendering performance is equally good (and in some cases even better) than cocos2d-x, which is the reason why we ar transitioning our currently Qt 4.8.1 based engine core to Qt 5.2. This will be available as major V-Play update early 2014![/quote]

    That's some pretty good news, I just asked that in your own forum.
    Since this information is very relevant to Qt users who want to try V-Play you should consider displaying it on your front page as I couldn't find it in your site.


  • @Steve
    I had a look at CocoStudio but it made a very unfinished impression, starting with characters being in Chinese to buttons not working, messed up UI, installer, etc.

    We'll announce it soon, thanks for the hints!

    Cheers, Chris

  • Christian,

    I completely agree with you. Since it contains a UI Editor, Animation Editor, Number Editor, Number Cruncher and Scene Editor, I just thought that this may be of interest to you and Alex, possibly providing some ideas as well as code.

    BTW, I was just informed this morning that the source code is not available and may possibly never be available.


  • Thanks Steve!
    I think providing all these editors takes a lot of time and tuning. There are really good existing editors best suited for a specific job, like TexturePacker to pack sprites into a sprite sheet, which is its only purpose where it is excellent at.

    We'll see where CocoStudio is heading, currently I prefer QML & QML UI Designer of Qt Creator for setting up layouts for games. ;)

    Cheers, Chris

  • Chris,

    You may also want to look at "Tiled Map Editor":http://www.mapeditor.org/


  • Hi Steve,
    I have already been in touch with Thorbjørn, the creator of Tiled, and met him at this year's GDC in Cologne. The outcome: with the next major V-Play version Tiled support will be available. :)
    Cheers, Chris

  • I have try using Qt5 to build cocos2d-x2.2.1 but i faild

  • and also thank all of you guys to help me how to use Qt5 to programming cocos2dx .thx

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