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OnPinchFinished sometimes not called on Android with 5.2 RC1

  • There have been a number of bug reports over the last year or so regarding Pincharea not working properly, with onPinchFinished not being reliably called. Some reports say 'closed - can't reproduce', some say 'closed - fixed', some are still 'open'. In any case, it does not look as though any of the bug reports are currently active.

    Well, we noticed this Pincharea problem with QT 5.1.1 on Windows 8.1. It wasn't of immediate concern because Windows 8.1 was just our development platform with Android being our target OS. And Pincharea was working OK on Android.

    But now we have had to move to QT 5.2 RC1 (due to the Android version 4.4 bug), Pincharea is no longer working properly on Android.

    Has anyone else noticed this Pincharea problem on Android when building with QT 5.2 RC1?

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