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QFileDialog::getOpenFileNames works on Windows but not on Linux

  • I am using QFileDialog::getOpenFileNames to get list of user selected files. It works as expected on Windows but on Linux (Fedora 14) the same code does not allow multiple file selections. On Linux QFileDialog immediately closes when first item is selected. It doesn't allow shift-selection and it doesn't even wait for <Open> button click as it does on Windows. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    I am running Linux from my Windows laptop via cygwin's XWin Server and ssh'ing into the Linux server where I run code. I'm running locally for Windows version.

    Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!


  • Oh ... i am using Qt 4.7

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    Are you tied to that specific old version of Qt ? Can you use 4.8.5 ?

  • Unfortunately, I believe we are tied to Qt 4.7. Are their known issues related to Windows/Linux QFileDialog?

    I will ask my supervisor if it will be possible to migrate to newer release but when i asked previously their was concern for dependencies and schedule.


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    Tell him you talk about Qt 4.8 and not Qt 5, that might help

  • Thanks for your feedback. Is it that there is known issue with Qt's 4.7 FileDialog on Linux? or is it simply that better support/feedback would be provided with Qt 4.8.5 ?

    I'm also wondering if the problem could be caused by running this Linux/Fedora Qt app from remote connection? ie: windows laptop running cygwin/X Server and remote login to Linux server. I've had problems in the past running interactive graphics via remote connections.

    Thanks again!

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    I don't know, but you can search for "Qt 4.7 known issues".

    There have been a lot of bug fixes done in between so unless you're completely locked, having the latest version in a series is better.

    There could be indeed some bad interaction with such a setup. Testing it directly on the linux machine can help narrow down the problem.

  • Thanks ...

  • Yes. I was able to confirm that it was the remote connection that was causing the issue. My sup has approved moving to Qt 8.5 anyways :)

  • oh ... I meant Qt 4.8.5 ... it's the end of a day

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    You're welcome,

    If building Qt yourself is an option, you could consider building the latest 4.8 version from git.

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