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Mysql can not work in other device without QT application

  • I have a big problem here. I have installed the mysql driver and the program has been built and run in the Linux platform, everything is okay. However, when I moved the program to other embedded device which is without QT application, and QSqlDatabase::lastError shows "Driver not loaded Driver not loaded". I have put the file "" which is from Linux platform in the embedded device, but it can't work. Could anyone can help me solve this problem? Thanks.

  • Have you deployed the MySql client libraries for the target platform? The Qt MySql plugin you have deployed is built on top of the MySql libraries.

  • Sorry, it doesn't make sense to me...maybe explain more detail. Thanks for your help a lot.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Like your application is linked to Qt, is linked against the MySql client library. You need to have it on your target also

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