Mac OSX cannot find platform plugin cocoa

  • Hello,

    I also asked this question on StackOverflow "here": , but I'm having a problem deploying on mac. Following "this link": , I went through with otool -L and changed the linker to look for the Qt frameworks in the app bundle, which I'm fairly certain I did correctly, but I get this error:

    This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "cocoa".

    I copied libqcocoa.dylib from my Qt install directory into the app bundle in Contents/Platform/Plugins and changed qt.conf to:

    Plugins = Platform/Plugins

    Is this the wrong place to put libqcocoa? Is that the correct library?

    Thanks in advance! I'm really new to Mac and don't do much programming in general.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you run macdeployqt on your bundle ?

  • I tried that initially, and it had the following errors:

    ERROR: Could not find bundle binary for "" ERROR: "otool: can't open file: (No such file or directory)"

    WARNING: Could not find any external Qt frameworks to deploy in ""
    WARNING: Perhaps macdeployqt was already used on "" ?
    WARNING: If so, you will need to rebuild "" before trying again. ERROR: Could not find bundle binary for ""
    ERROR: file copy failed from "/Developer/Applications/Qt/plugins/platforms/libqcocoa.dylib"
    ERROR: to ""
    ERROR: file copy failed from "/Developer/Applications/Qt/plugins/printsupport/libcocoaprintersupport.dylib"
    ERROR: to ""

    And this was the first time I ran macdeployqt on my bundle.

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    What version of Qt are you using ?
    How did you install it ?
    What version of OS X ?

  • Qt version 5.1.1 compiled from source.
    Mac OS 10.7.4.

    It ran with no problems in QtCreator when it was looking for the files in my Qt Directory, so I wouldn't think it's a problem with my Qt installation. It's only an issue when I link the application to Qt as frameworks in the app bundle.

  • I ended up reverting to Qt4.8 and it runs now.

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    The errors from macdeployqt look strange, are you sure you did you use the correct version ?

  • Correct version of Qt? I only had 5.1.1 installed at the time if that's what you mean. For one thing, my Qt directory is not /Developer/Applications/ which is where it seemed to be looking. Maybe my path was messed up? Regardless, installing 4.8.5 is already done, and it is a workaround.

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    That's why I asked, that path made me think of an older (as in several years) Qt install

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