Qt 5.2 Beta 1 For Android on Win8: Impossible to show native dialogs on an Android device

  • hi folks,

    Got my app running with Qt 5.2 on Android without many problems and/or modifications on Win 8 x64 :)

    But I used message boxes to show errors and/or notifications so I needed to rewrite that part.
    So I used the AndroidExtras module and tried to use the Android Toast API with no luck and the AlertyDialog with no luck either. In both ways it builds fine, but when I run it I got this error:

    W/Qt (15197): kernel\qwidget_qpa.cpp:951 (void QWidgetPrivate::setMask_sys(const QRegion&)): void QWidgetPrivate::setMask_sys(const QRegion&): Not supported on android.
    W/dalvikvm(15197): Invalid indirect reference 0x4146c800 in decodeIndirectRef
    E/dalvikvm(15197): VM aborting
    F/libc (15197): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadd00d (code=1)

    the faulty code:
    @QAndroidJniObject builder("android.app.AlertDialog.Builder");@

    I tried with '/' instead of '.', it tells me that it does not know the class...

    Anybody knows if it will be solved with the RC1, the final release or the near future ?


  • Read somewhere in the bugreports that there is a fix so that QMessageBox will now be using native android messageboxes. Will probably be available in the release candidate

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