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QT5 cross compiling for powerpc

  • Hi
    I'm looking for ways to cross-compile QT5 for powerpc platform without OpenGL.
    I have used QT4 embedded and am now considering moving on to QT5 for the same platforms.
    I've tried running ./configure with some basic parameters but it fails on:
    @Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick@

    Another thing I noticed was also that the qtbase/mkspecs/ didn't contain a makespecs for powerpc ??
    Anybody some insight here ?


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    Minimal version of OS X that Qt 5 works with is 10.6, which was already Intel-based. So PowerPC receives very little attention lately.

    I suspect you need to create your own mkspecs. And don't forget to pass -no-opengl to configure.

  • Hi and thanks for the reply.
    I forgot to mention the OS we are running but it is Linux, not OS X.

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    I suspected that ;) Still, this does not change my answer.

  • hehe, It crossed my mind also. Thanks for the response.

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