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Multiple App Targets

  • Can an app be built in Qt Creator using QML that can be deployed to Windows, Mac OSX, web browsers, Android and iOs? Are there any examples, tutorials, articles, etc. that show how this can be done and discuss any nuances? Thanks.

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    The QML application basically follow the same deployment logic as the pure C++ application (plus the QML specific plugins).

    You have the various "Deployment Guides" that you can find in Qt's documentation.

    Android and iOS deployment are done through their respective app stores

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks for your reply. To clarify my question, can I create one project in Qt Creator that will enable me to build an app that will run on Windows, Mac OSX, web browsers, Android and iOS? I prefer using QML, possibly with some JavaScript and C++ as needed.

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    You will have to build your application once for each platform, keeping in mind that building for iOS and OS X can only be done with OS X, cross-compilation for Android can be done from OS X, Linux and Windows.

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