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No title bar when using Qt 5.1.1 with DirectFB on Embedded Linux platform

  • I'm using Qt 5.1.1 with DirectFB (Sawman as window manager) on Embedded Linux (ARM cpu). Qt is configured with command given below.

    -arch arm
    -xplatform linux-arm-gnueabi-g++
    -qpa directfb
    -nomake examples
    -nomake tests
    -prefix ${ZYNQ_QT_INSTALL}

    I've compiled windowflags example for my embedded system. These problems occur when I run the example on the target ("here": you can see how the example is supposed to look like):

    titlebar is not present in the windows (there is no minimize, maximize and close buttons),

    windows are layered one on top of another in a strange way (label from one window is covering part of another).

    Here's the image on which it's shown how everything looks on the target.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I'm also facing the same issue. Is there any solution available for this ?
    Further to this I see that Qt with DFB plugin is drawing on a fixed co-ordinates of 640x480. I don't get full-screen, though my frame buffer is 1280x720.

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