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Debug Android app on Real Device

  • Hello to everyone. I am using Qt 5.1.1 and android sdk. Until now i can debug my apps using android sdk. I want to debug my application on my Real android device which is a tablet. How can i setup Qt to run in debug at my real device to use breakpoints and make a real debug of my application.

  • Turn on USB debugging : Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging. You also need to download Google USB Driver (for ADP) or the OEM USB Drivers.

    To verify your phone is connected use "adb devices" in cmd.

  • how can i set my phone as deployment target ?

  • I updated my post setting the target is not on QT, sorry. Just run your program after you have verified that your phone is connected.

  • Once you connect your phone to the computer, using the terminal or the cmd navigate to the sdk-directory/platform-tools then type
    in linux:
    @./adb devices@
    in windows:
    @adb devices@
    you should get a list of android devices, if you did not find your device there try to unplug it and plug it again, at the end you must see you device when you run the command,

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