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[SOLVED] Qt 5.1.1 - Android : configuring Qt Creator

  • Hello everyone,

    I chose to post my problem cause I'm really stuck configuring QT Creator for Android.
    I'm working on Windows 7 64 bits, and I used "this tutorial": to help me in the process (and sorry for bad english, and french logs, I'm French).

    I have installed :

    I created the JAVA_HOME environment variable : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45
    I downloaded all the things from the SDK Manager.
    I added in the Path environment variable :

    • The JDK bin directory : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\bin;
    • The Android SDK tools and platform-tools directories : C:\Android\sdk\tools;C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools;

    At this step I restarted my computer.

    I tested Android SDK Manager from Eclipse : all was Ok (I was able to start an AVD and my devices were visible).

    I started Qt Creator and went in Settings>Android and configured "like this":

    I restarted my computer once again, and created a new project (graphic application) and selected the "android for arm (GCC 4.8, Qt 5.1.1) kit.

    I then modified the ui by adding a pushbutton.

    Then i tried to compile and run my test app (in release mode):

    • on windows : ok;
    • on android : the AVD is launched, but my app encounters an error while compiling :

    Compilation output :
    16:11:59: Exécution des étapes pour le projet sans_titre2...
    16:11:59: Débute : "C:\Qt\5.1.0\android_armv7\bin\qmake.exe" C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\sans_titre2\ -r -spec android-g++
    16:12:00: Le processus "C:\Qt\5.1.0\android_armv7\bin\qmake.exe" s'est terminé normalement.
    16:12:00: Débute : "mingw32-make"
    qtcreator_ctrlc_stub: Command line failed: mingw32-make
    16:12:00: Le processus "mingw32-make" s'est terminé avec le code -1.
    Erreur lors de la compilation/déploiement du projet sans_titre2 (kit : Android for arm (GCC 4.8, Qt 5.1.1))
    Lors de l'exécution de l'étape "Make"
    16:12:00: Elapsed time: 00:01.@

    And in the general messages :
    @Could not read qmake configuration file C:/Qt/5.1.0/android_armv7/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf.
    Could not read qmake configuration file C:/Qt/5.1.1/android_armv7/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf.
    Could not read qmake configuration file C:/Qt/5.1.0/android_x86/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf.
    Could not read qmake configuration file C:/Qt/5.1.1/android_x86/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf.@

    In the project panel, it seems that qt creator is unable to find mingw32-make :
    @Make : mingw32-make non trouvé dans l'environnement.@

    So I put the one from : C:\Qt\Tools\mingw48_32\bin\mingw32-make.exe
    Then i retried to compile and run and got :
    @:-1: erreur : Erreur de paquetage : la commande "C:/Android/ant/apache-ant-1.9.2/bin/ant.bat clean debug" a échoué.Code de sortie : 1@

    So obviously I think I have a problem with Ant.
    The only things I did with ant were :

    • Download it,
    • Unzip it,
    • Put it in C:\Android\Ant

    Am I missing something ? Please someone help me, it's been 2 days since my first tries... Thanks in advance !

  • I finally did it ! What I've done to resolve my problem :

    • I completed Ant installation as explained "here":
    • I corrected JAVA_HOME by suppressing the last ""
    • I restarted my computer
    • In my project run settings I changed the Android version (I put it to android-16, as my device run with Android 4.1.2)

    And it works :)
    But now when I go in Qt Creator settings, it keeps crashing... never mind now it is configured ^^

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