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How to manage Includes in subproject's .pro files with Qt Creator 2.8.1?

  • i'm new to Qt, i imported an open source project (qtstalker 0.37) with Qt Creator easily from a svn repository, by going to File, Import project. But i cant build it because it always fails to compile some subproject, it says it cant find a header (from ta-lib). I know that i just can add an INCLUDEPATH to the .pri or .pro file of each subproject that needs it, but surely there is a better way of doing this, or maybe im doing something wrong?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The first thing to verify is: do you have the headers installed ?

  • Yes, i have all the headers installed. I can add it to the INCLUDEPATH in every .pro file of the subproject that contains the file for which the compiler complains, but it does so for almost every subproject. So i wonder, im doing something wrong or qtstalker still isn't properly prepared for building?

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    Depending on where the author has ta-lib installed (and what OS it uses) it might not be a problem.

    What you can do is to add a ta-lib.pri with the include path / linking stuff and include it in the subprojects that need it

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