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QSound in 5.2 Beta 1 on iOS / Mac does not work (?)

  • Hello,

    I have this code:
    @QSound *sound=new QSound(":/sounds/files/sounds/sound.wav");

    It doesn't work with relative or absolute paths.

    I am on a Mac Book Pro Retina with OS X 10.9 / iOS Simulator, Qt 5.2 B1.

    The sound does not play on my mac, I tested several wav files - none worked.
    As I need to include "multimedia" at "QT" in my ".pro" for QSound, it compiles successfull. On iOS Build settings it fails because the module is unknown.

    What should I do? Did someone get sound out of Qt on iOS?

    @ QMediaPlayer *player = new QMediaPlayer;

    This works but needs QT += multimedia.

  • There are some known issues on iOS Multimedia module that affects the 5.2.0 beta 1
    They will be resolved before the final release of Qt 5.2, for now you should wait... or you can try to download sources from GIT and compile by yourself to check if the bugs has been already resolved.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I compiled the last snapshot but it was failing for me.
    Later I was able to install the mac ios package by unpacking it (the package signature is damaged).

    So far no multimedia support. I will just wait, its just a beta, just wanted to make sure multimedia is planned for release (even if its only basic functional).


  • I was able to compile the submodule and start the app in the simulator.

    I hope multimedia will be working in the release as I get this message atm:
    @using null output device, none available @
    when using QSound on iOS (the error is thrown when calling QSound::play).

    For QMediaPlayer:
    @ playlist->addMedia(QUrl(""));
    QMediaPlayer *player2 = new QMediaPlayer;

    @defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer"@

  • Hello,

    is there still no sound support in iPhoneOS-Simulator? I did not get it to work.

  • Same problem on device itself - no sound. Any ideas?

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