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[SOLVED] Correct database which works both android and windows..

  • Im wrinting an app and i want it works both android and windows. I was an native android developer and i used SQLite for native android development. Native API has an helper class for SQLite and it was easy. However, now i couldn't decide the database type. My prior database is SQLite again but may u can advice something else. Is there any helper class or smt.(which creates databases, creating tables etc.) for SQLite both windows and android?

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    SQLite is bundled with every copy of Qt, and it's the default option for QtSql module. If it's enough for you, you can use it on all platforms.

  • thx for answer.. SQLite is OK for me but when i try to use QSqlDatabase class im getting Link2019 error.. What do i have to do?

    NOTE: im working on Qt Quick project.. When i try this class on QT Gui application, i get no error if i add "Qt += sql" to pro file and it worked.. What is the difference between Qt Quick and Qt Gui

  • Sorry i was my fault.. There is no difference it worked :)

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