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[solved] How to install android app without connect it with Pc

  • I would like to ask two questions about Qt and Android,
    I just finished an application using Qt and I ran it on my Android device connecting it with my Pc

    • My 1st question is how can I install this application in another android device without need to connect it with any Pc and build the project. Which is the appropriate file to send to another device, as a file and install on it?

    • My 2nd is if anyone knows how to change the default android logo. I mean when I install an app in the device, it has a default logo and I can't change it to a more appropriate with my app..

    Thank you in advance!

    1. When you run your app with qt creator it create apk file in build/folder/android/bin directory which you can copy and install on other device. In case debug build it called QtApp-debug.apk. In case release you get QtApp-release-unsigned.apk to run it on other device you need to sign it either manual or configure QtCreator to sign it(see project->run->deploy configuration).

    2. You could add custom icon by editing AndroidManifest.xml in your project

  • thank you very much!
    But can you give further details for the second one?
    I can't find where exactly and what type to import my own image in xml file..

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    If you are using Qt 5.1.1 or greater, open the AndroidManifest.xml from QtCreator, it opens in an editor and in it General > Application > Application Icon (Click on the individual boxes and select your file)

  • In addition to p3c0's answer. You also could edit AndroidManifest.xml manually. "There": are more info about application icon for Android.

  • p3c0 I am using Qt 5.1.0, is it different in this version??

    MontezooM..I tried to use this method but it gives me this error
    @ Packaging Error: Command 'C:/Program Files/WinAnt/bin/ant.bat clean debug' failed.Exit code: 1@

    any idea plz..

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    Ok, So it must be here,
    QtCreator > Projects > Build & Run > "Your Android kit" > Run > Package Configurations > Application Icon and then click on the individual boxes and select your file

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    Here is the Screenshot:

    ! Icons)!

  • It also depends which version of QtCreator you use. In 2.8.1 to add icon you should open AndroidManifest.xml which is placed in "Other files" in your project tree. There is two mode to edit it: "XML Source" and "General". In General you could find "Application icon" field where you could add your icon.

  • thanks a lot!! everything works!

  • Hai, Parkir

    I have an app and i ported it to Android, I stuck with very silly issue. i.e, Whenever there is an edittext my android device opens the virtual keybord i want to disable it .. its very easy in android but how to do in Qt please...

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