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Save Adress and Load automatically

  • Hey all,
    i need some help please.
    Here is a little programm:

    What the programm should do?

      1. I write a String (16 characters for example: SWT1:SET:YV:LKN=5404) into the textEdit Widget.
      1. Afterthat i want to save this Adress
      1. I press the Button "Speichern" [Save]
      1. Now programm should save this adress in a .txt file or similar file AND the adress must be written in the combobox now. So for example I saved 5 Adresses, so the combobox must have 5 Adresses, that i can select...
    • programm should load saved adresses (.txt file) automatically when I do start the programm

    Can someone help me please`?

  • Two ways to do so, use the QFile with QTextStream to store/read data from a text file.
    Otherwise use QSettings class to store the files in registery/ini file etc depending on OS used.
    Hope this gives some idea what to do.

  • EDIT: Or maybe more easyer:

    I save the QStrings in the ComboBox... Someone idea how to do?

    Yes, thaks for your answer...
    But can someone give me a concret exapmle please?

    The first what I have to do is to read the text from the textbox:
    @void MainWindow::speichereText(QString text) {
    QString a;
    a = (ui->lineEdit_3->text());
    text = a;
    The second step: I have to write it into the .txt File:
    @QFile file("out.txt");
    if (! | QIODevice::Text))

    QTextStream out(&file);
    out << "The magic number is: " << 49 << "\n";@

    How Can I include here the Text, that i read from textbox?

    The third: I have to write this text from .txt file in the Combobox as a List:
    Here I dont also know HOW I can combine the text from .txt to ComboBox

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Please, have a look at the documentation, "QComboBox::addItem":

  • Hi,
    Don't expect us to code the simplest of things. The QFile and QCombobox documentation is perfectly clear, but since your a noob, I give it a short example code:
    void MainWindow::SaveDataToFile(QComboBox * Box_p)
    int NmbrOfItems (0);

    if (Box_p->count() > 0)
        // STart a file &#40;try static function for new/open file?
        QFile File_fl(&"Your filename here"&#41;;
        QTextStream outFile(&File_fl&#41;;
        if (; == true)
            // We have items in the list
            for (NmbrOfItems = 0; NmbrOfItems < Box_p->count(); NmbrOfItems++)
                // Add all items to the file
                outFile << Box_p->currentText();
                outFile << "/n";    // or any other seperation character!

    The reading of data goes the same way, but then do read from file until end.

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