Qt Application + Mac Os 10.9 Maverick

  • Hi guys,

    I have a question similar to "this one":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/32495/, but it is a bit different. The problem is that I have an application written based on Qt 5.0.2, and it was perfectly compiling with Qt Creator 2.7.0 on Mac Os Mountain Lion. But a couple of days ago (who knows why) I have updated my Lion OS to the new OS Maverick, and it crashed my application completely. I could not even open Qt creator 2.7.0. I reinstalled Qt Framework to the Qt 5.2.0 with Qt Creator 2.8.8. The Qt Creator works, but when compiling my app I get a bunch of errors like

    error: variable has incomplete type 'class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT'
    class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT QSizePolicy

    If I change the path to Qt 5.0.2 still using Qt Creator 2.8.8, then I can compile without errors but, once my application is opened, it crashes with error similar to that one with Qt Creator 2.7.0 - "App quit unexpectedly."

    Please, if you know how to fix this stupid problem, let me know. I urgently need my application to work.

    P. S. I do not have any dependencies on the libraries based on Qt 4.
    P. P. S. The same errors appear if I compile with Qt Creator 2.8.1 and Qt 5.1.1.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • I have a similar problem..
    My qt app runs ONCE after I unpack it on my brand new OSX 10.9 Mavericks, then launching it a second time, it crashes.

    I found out.. when I go into super user mode, "sudo" it runs fine.

    Is there a way to allow all users to run the app by default, any settings, when I package the app? Or is this a Mavericks-sided problem?

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    What version of Qt are you using ? What does the report say ?

    For Mavericks, you should use Qt 5.2, Apple did a lot of little changes that brought some problems

  • Hi, thanks..

    I've built and deploy-enabled my app on a different system (OSX 10.6.8) using Qt 5.1.1 with clang compiler and macdeployqt from that same Qt installation.

    So you're saying, I should rebuild the app with Qt 5.2 beta version - which could solve the problems?

    This one I assume..

    I'll try and report back.

  • I tried to build my app with both Qt 5.1 and Qt 5.2, and it did not help me - the same error. Your app compiles at least once, mine does not compile at all, and I have no idea how to fix it. If you guys have any idea how to get rid of this, please let me know:

    error: variable has incomplete type ‘class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT’
    class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT QSizePolicy ^

    This is an internal error from Qt headers, not my headers.

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    Rather the latest 5.2RC

    Since it seems widget related, did you add

    @QT += widgets@

    to your pro file ?

  • Actually I did, and the error did not disappear. But I have not tried 5.2RC - I will try it tomorrow and let you know. Thanks for help.

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