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[SOLVED] Qt ios 5.2-beta xcode project missing 'general' tab

  • when i generate the xcode project using the ios qmake it builds and runs in the simulator fine.
    i just can't find where i would enter the bundle identifier .

    when i create a new ios application in xcode i get a 'general' tab for the project where i can specify the bundle identifier..

    this whole 'general' tab seems to be missing from the xcode project that qmake generates.

    is this a bug that i need to report, or am i missing something that i need to do ?

    any help is appreciated.

  • i just found out if i enable ios support in the device settings (in qtcreator), the xcode project qtcreator generates does have the "general" tab and the "bundle identifier".

    on top of that i called qmake myself (and from the wrong architecture, at that.. iphone 4s is arm not i386...)

    so many many mistakes :)

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