Open Sound Control (OSC) sample project

  • Good Day

    I am new to the forum as well as the world of android, so im not sure if there is a relating post already about this.

    I would like to recieve some help with a sample program in QT. This is a short description of what i want to do.

    I want to write a UI for my Galaxy S3, which has 4 to 5 buttons on a UI. when a button is pressed i want to send data/value via WIFI to my pc that is running processing and connected to an arduino UNO. This data must be sent via OSC, i already did the processing part of the project. I can do the android part on processing as well but cant make a UI that looks as good as QT.

    What i need help with: i need a sample project with just one button that sends OSC and a display that recieves a OSC message from the PC. I need a complete project cause i have no idea how GIT hub works and cant find any thing like this on the internet.

    Please Please help me

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