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Qt in MIPS SoC of IP media players (i.e. PNX8935, SMP8655)

  • Hello all,

    We are currently evaluating Qt for integration to some of our STBs that are based on popular SoC processors/decoders such as PNX8935 (Trident/NXP) or SMP8655 (Sigma).

    It would be great to share experience with other developers doing similar jobs.

    We are particularly interested in evaluating other technical cases to determine how necessary it is, or not, to involve in the commercial purchase of vendor's propietary SDKs, for HW abstraction layer.

    For instance, has anyone ported Qt to any of these platforms (PNX8935/SMP8655, or similar), without vendor's propietary drivers? Can generic DirectFB or even direct framebuffer be used to avoid having to purchase propietary drivers?

    Any comment/suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • I recommend working with the Trident/NXP and Sigma SDKs simply because so much time and effort has been invested in integrating the latest versions of Qt on those SDKs. Qt does support DirectFB quite well, so you can give that a shot. Framebuffer is certainly an option, but you really need HW assist to get those smooth animations at HD resolution.

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