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  • Hey all,

    I designed a Gui by the Qt Gui Designer and I have Toogle Buttons.

    Now I want to say:
    If the Toogle Button @setChecked(false) THEN Color = RED@
    If the Toogle Button @setChecked(true) THEN Color = GREEN@

    I tryed to implement a function:
    @void MainWindow::setFarbe_r() {
    and the Connect:
    @connect(ui->pushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(setFarbe_r()));@
    but it doesnt work.

    What I also could imagine that under the button would be displayed a textline.
    For example when the button is pressed -> text: "button is pressed"

    Thank you for Help

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    You can use the pseudo states :checked and :unchecked in your style sheet to set the button background colors

  • [quote author="SGaist" date="1382729840"]Hi,

    You can use the pseudo states :checked and :unchecked in your style sheet to set the button background colors[/quote]

    Thanks for answer. But what do you mean? Can you explain your answer please.. Where shoud i use this pseudo states? And how?
    Can you write an example please?

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    The doc pointed by Tabi gives an example using the pressed state, it's the same for checked and unchecked

  • HI,

    You just implement a slot through designer and follow your first method like this..
    @ void MainWindow::setFarbe_r(bool checked) {

  • Hello zhekka777,
    Why don't u use "toggled slot of QPushButton "provided by Qt in order to behave as a toggle button..I have used it to make a toggle button .
    First drag and drop a QPushButton on MainWindow and set it's property "checkable" to true and go to slot of QPushButton choose signal toggled(bool).
    Write the following snippet of code inside this slot.
    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_toggled(bool checked)

         ui->pushButton->setStyleSheet("QPushButton{ background-color :red; }");
        ui->pushButton->setText("Btn is not Pressed");  //optional


    ui->pushButton->setStyleSheet("QPushButton{ background-color :green; }");
    ui->pushButton->setText("Btn is Pressed");  //optional


  • pressed state is for mouse button pressed ...

    the correct QSS for checked and unchecked(toggling states) are:



    pushButton->setStyleSheet(the wole string in code above) or set it in designer

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