Which package to choose for installation ?

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    I know that it may sound a bit silly for a programmer to ask which package to install but but I'm a bit confused here. I've installed QtCreator(2.8.1) and Qt Libraries(4.8.5) seperately and this resulted in Qt Creator doesn't detect the Qt libraries even it's been pointed out manually under Tools->Build&Run Tabs ->QtVersions. It says Qt is not installed properly where I'm sure that I've done everything as per instruction.

    I know that there is another option where Qt Creator and Qt Libraries are bundled together in Qt5.1 or higher version and I'll try this but I wonder what am I doing wrong with un-bundled version.

    Additionally one more thing that confounds me is that, why it's been named like "Qt 5.1.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.8, OpenGL, 666 MB) " ,if the Qt Libraries was comprised from compiled binaries then why we would be needing compiler compilations and why MinGW ships with that?

    Your comments will be appreciated,

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    Are you sure you have the right compiler installed for your Qt 4.8.5 version ?

    The mingw package is an all in one, you get QtCreator/pre-compiled Qt, and the compiler to use it thus no need for any additional dependency download. The same cannot be done for MSVC versions since Visual Studio is a Microsoft product and thus the responsibility of the user to install.

    Hope it helps

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