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QtQuick 2 without OpenGL

  • Hi,

    I have a device with no OpenGL support. I have noticed that QtQuick 1 applications run a lot faster on this device since they probably use the Raster engine. Is it possible to improve the non OpenGL experience of QtQuick 2? I thought about DirectFB, could that work? Are there other ways to run QtQuick 2 application with software rendering at a usable speed (I don't need any mind-blowing animations and effects).


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    QtQuick2 absolutely requires OpenGL, there is no going around that, AFAIK. Of course, you can run it on unaccelerated hardware through MESA, but the performance might be disappointing there.

  • Is there a way to improve the MESA performance of QtQuick2? This is really annoying on embedded platforms where the OpenGL driver is not available yet. Yes I know I could also use Widgets instead but I want to use the whole awesomeness of QML especially because on the BeagleBone OpenGL will be available in the near future.

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    I've heard of some impressive improvements to MESA done using llvm and clang. Also, Qt 5.2 comes with huge performance improvements in QtQuick2.

    I recommend contacting "Gunnar Sletta":, who is the maintainer of Scenegraph in Qt. You can do it on IRC or development mailing list.

  • Hi strahlex,
    After 5 years, did you manage to get Qt Quick 2 to run without OpenGL?

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    @Sync Hi, take a look at the Qt Quick 2D Render.

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