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Qt for embedded Linux, VNC and OpenGL/OpenVG

  • Hi,

    I have a question regarding the VNC Server implementation of Qt for embedded Linux ("klick":, and hope I find someone who can answer it (google did not find an answer :-()

    For testing purposes, I want to connect to my embedded device using VNC, which works just fine. Will this still work when the embedded Linux application uses OpenGL/OpenVG?

    Thanks a lot in advance for Your help!


  • The VNC QScreen driver in Qt Embedded will not work correctly if your application uses OpenGL/OpenVG. As far as I know, VNC renders on the server side (your device) and sends the rendered tiles across the wire to the client. Generating these tiles from OpenVG/OpenGL content would be unfeasibly slow and would require some rather significant changes to Qt's VNC code.

    Ideal solution would be to use something like "VirtualGL": but that will still require that you implement a new screen driver in Qt Embedded. If you decide to proceed on this, I would recommend making a "Lighthouse" plugin to Qt 4.8 to support this rather than trying to hack QScreen, but this is still a non-trivial task.

  • Thanks for the response, although this is not what I wanted to hear :-( I guess I'll have to find some other option for testing ...

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