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Qmake ignoring/stripping the -framework keyword on OSX

  • I'm trying to build a Qwt project on OSX and for some reason qmake is stripping out the -framework keyword from any LIBS line in the .pro file.

    For example, if I have
    LIBS += -framework qwt

    The make file LIBS line has qwt but the -framework is missing in front of it thus causing make not to be able to find qwt.

    I've tried adding
    QMAKE_LFLAGS += -F/Library/Frameworks/
    before the LIBS += -framework qwt line but that doesn't help.

    qmake seems insistent on stripping the -framework keyword. I've hacked around it by doing this:
    QMAKE_LFLAGS += -F/Library/Frameworks/ -framework qwt

    Any idea what's wrong?

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    You should only need to use

    @QT += qwt@

    If you've installed qwt using make install

  • I think that only works on Qt 5 and later. I'm on 4.8.5. Why? Because I have yet to successfully cross-compile 5.1 for ARM on OSX which works fine on 4.8.5. But I digress...

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    No it doesn't, I'm using it with 4.8.5

    you might need however to add something like this

    @export QMAKEFEATURES=/usr/local/qwt-6.1.0-svn/features:$QMAKEFEATURES@

    to your .profile or in QtCreator environment variables

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