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RCC-generated files + VS2013 = extraordinary memory usage

  • Hi.

    Today I gave VS2013 a first try. So far, the GUI and Editor have greatly improved since VS2012, but I noticed a serious problem while compiling my project: Extraordinary memory usage occurred while compiling files generated by Qt's RCC. The whole system would lock up for a few minutes! Then I get the error message (from the system) that all virtual memory is used up and that I should close applications. Finally, compiler (cl.exe) fails with "out of heap space" error.

    It only happens with the RCC-generated .cpp files. And under VS2012 there was no such issue. So I wonder: Are there any compiler options I can tweak, specifically for the RCC-generated .cpp files to keep memory use lower? So far I tried "/O1" (Optimization Level: Minimize Size) as well as "/Zm" wth various values. No success.

    Of course I can split my QRC files into more smaller files, but that is more a workaround than a solution ;-)


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    You might want to bring that point to the interest mailing list, you'll have more chance to reach the right person for this problem :-)

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