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Qt for Android on Mac?

  • On the qt downloads page there is a download for qt5.1.1 for linux 32 bit 64 bit and windows 32 bit but none for mac. Does qt for Android on mac not exist?

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    Compile it yourself, it probably works.

  • Any chance you could elaborate? I'm pretty new at this. Would you suggest building Necessitas from source and using that version of qt creator or just building qt5.1 from source?

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    Forget about Necessitas, it's the name of Qt4 port to Android. In Qt5, the code is fully integrated, you just need the Qt5 tarball or a git checkout.

    There are wiki entries about compiling Qt, and about compiling Android versions on this forum, please search for 'building Qt5 from git' and 'compiling Qt5 for Android'. I'm on my phone right now, so I won't provide the links, sorry.

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