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[solved] Problem dynamic linking QT dlls

  • Hello, I am trying to make a windows application ( desktop ). I am using QT5 with qtcreator with MinGW. I am starting a default QT Gui application, then build a release and using DependancyListing program, the qt QA suggested, I`ve added the DLL-s that are required. However I still get nasty errors.

    1. The application failed to load because it could not find QT platform plugin "windows"
    2. After I`ve added Qt/Qt5.1.1/5.1.1/mingw48_32/plugins/platforms/qwindows.dll it gave me some windows error, memory error with abnormal termination and suggest reinstall.

    Can you provide tell me where I got wrong with deployment?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet ?

    Are you sure you got all dependencies ? Have a look at the "windows deployment guide": it might contain additional information you are needing.

  • Thank you. Ive found my mistake. It appears that qwindows.dll should be in its default platforms/ dir. :) Thanks, for re-refering to me the tutorial. Lame of me, lame.

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    You're welcome !

    Windows deployment can be tricky. You might also be interested by the qt.conf file (but if you have it all working as you want it, you can safely ignore it)

  • Yes, Ill skip diggin into it as long as it works. I am writing a desktop app and the user wants it to work. BTW, I am using wine with QT Creator+MinGW. Any more civilized ways to compile for windows on linux qtcreator? However I need the wine to test if working but I am having 2 qtcreators now...

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    The only other option I see would be to have a virtual machine containing Windows and using the MinGW package to build/test natively.

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