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QtDeclarative fails to build

  • Hi all,

    I haven't been able to get an answer for this on the QtonPi forum but maybe I will get a bit more traffic here. I'm trying to cross compile from my Linux Desktop (64 bit 12.04 LTS) to a Raspberry Pi (32 bit Wheezy ARM) and cannot get QtDeclarative to compile. When I try and make it I see the following error:

    qv4isel_masm_p.h:1469:18: error: ‘class QQmlJS::MASM::Assembler’ has no member named ‘convertUInt32ToDouble’

    Looking at the bug reports it seems like this bug has been noticed and, presumably addressed however in a fresh git of Qt I still get the error. I am using the cross-compiler located in:

    Is there a patch or anything for QtDeclarative that fixes this?

    I really have no idea what to do at this point. Any suggestions would be very welcome!



  • Looks like it was a bug. A patch for this bug is currently available here and I hope will be pushed out soon:

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    Try checking out the dev branch, and if that fails, use Qt 5.1 source code - it does not use V4, so it should compile.

  • Sierdzio, you're a genius - thank you.

    I'd been following all sorts of different wikis / how-tos trying to get Qt to cross compile for Raspberry Pi. I'd got to the same point as Nathan starts here. I followed your advice and built Qt 5.2 from source zip (with no patches required). So ends 3 days of hair pulling.


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