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[SOLVED] Push Button Issue

  • Hi,

    I have created a pushButton in Qt Designer and two signals-slots connections like the following:

    Sender Signal Receiver Slot
    pushButtonStart pressed MyClass StartPressed()
    pushButtonStop released MyClass StartReleased()

    However I can see in a log file that whenever I click the pushButton, both signals get called.
    Do I need to create the pushButton with some extra option that allows the pressed/released behaviour to work?


  • I've just discovered what the problem is.

    pushButton pressed/released actually refer to the mouse!
    Is there a way then to define what I need, which is to assign one behavior to when the button is pressed and a different behavior to when the button is released?

    Many Thanks

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Are you thinking about something like toggling ?

  • yes exactly,
    If I link the pushButton to a Radio button (this would show the user the status of the button better) then the SLOT for clicking the button is toggle().
    Can I then read a TRUE/FALSE status of the radio button from here?


  • for a QPushButton use setCheckable to make it toggling and connect it toggled ( bool checked ) signal to fetch its status

    click= press + release cycle

    toggling happens every click :)

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