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Detect memory leak in application

  • Hey,
    I have build a quite big application which uses about 100Mb at startup. When the application runs for about 4hours witout any activity in the ui the memory need is about 170Mb. When it runs long enought the application failes because the memory need is to high.
    Im working on a windows 7 Workstation therefor i cant use Qt Analys with Valgrind. Is there any other programs for windows computers to analyse the memory leak. Or are there any Information what produces such big memory leak?

    Tanks for your help

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Unless you are using windows specific API, you could build on a Linux (virtual) machine and run Valgrind on it.

    In between, you can run a static code analysis tool to check whether your allocations have matching deallocations.

    Maybe "Microsoft's performance tools": would be something to look at (haven't used them myself so I can't comment on them)

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