Custom Widget with input from ui like menubar

  • hey i am writing a custom widget which is like the menubar and need it to be as accesiible as the native menubar is . how do i take input from ui. is there any example available to make a custom widget from qmenubar

  • please someone help me on this

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    What do you want to achieve ? Isn't deriving from QMenuBar a solution ?

  • yes i am working with that only but i want it to work like the same way in qtdesigner yoo as it normally does

    like just typing the name and a menu being formed .

    i was thinking of just overriding the method addMenu(Qstring)
    but the problem is how do i relect all this to the ui especially yhe drop down menus will and i want to also add functions other than add separator to the ui interface. i am new to all this so can you please help

    thank you

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    Do you want to do that from a running application ?

  • no in the designer only like the windows menubar works . the type here function and the add separator function ,plus i want the user to be able to add some more of my custom items , at the ui design stage

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    What custom items are you thinking of ? A menu bar should only contain menu entries else you start breaking user interface guidelines or maybe aiming at the wrong widget

  • no actually i was wanting to add menu items only but in not the standard pattern but like the megamenu that we see on webpages . i have been able to build a megamanu from code but i have to use it in many applicatioon so i want to transform it into a pludin in designer so that the usage becomes simpler

  • i think the first step will be to replace the default menu by my menu automatically . can you suggest on how to do this . i think this will be neccessary as mainwindow only supports one menubar

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