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Program stop responding when my QRunnable class does anything

  • Hello World!
    I'm trying to make a program that test the availability of some pages of a website.
    I would like to make the tests run in parallel, using QRunnable class.
    So in the main thread we have something like this:
    threadpool = new QThreadPool(this);
    foreach(QString pageAddress, listOfAllPageAddress) {
    threadpool->start(new PageTester(pageAddress));

    and the declaration of PageTester :

    @class PageTester : public QObject, public QRunnable@

    but if the method run do anything, even a QMessageBox::information() call, the program stop responding.

    I tested it on Win 7 ultimate with Qt 5.1.1 and 5.2.0 beta 1 for MinGW 4.8. Same behaviour.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    waitForDone will block the calling thread and wait until each thread of the thread pool finishes.

    If you want to keep a responsive UI you have to handle this differently or maybe use QtConcurrent.

    Hope it helps

  • Thank you SGaist.
    I tryed to remove waitForDone and the main thread becomes responsive.
    Other threads still refuse to obey me and the program crash. =(
    There's something I didn't mentioned early, because I though it was irrelevant to the problem:

    during the instantiation of QRunnable, I pass a pointer of QAccessManager to constructor.
    @threadpool->start(new PageTester(pageAddress, networkAccessManager));@

    I guess we can't use the same instance of QObject in two+ different threads...

    I will take a closer look to QtConcurrent.

    For now, I changed the approach to solve the problem.
    I made a simpler program that tests only 1 page, and then I make lots of instances of this program. Not the most "performatic" approach, but does the job.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    [quote author="Qt Qt Evellyn" date="1381955214"]I guess we can't use the same instance of QObject in two+ different threads...[/quote]No you can't. QObjects are not "thread-safe":

    In your case, QNetworkAccessManager already automatically runs up to 6 HTTP requests in parallel.

    Qt Concurrent won't provide anything new. QtConcurrent::run() behaves similarly to QRunnable. The other parts of QtConcurrent are for parallel processing of containers (QVector, QList, etc.)

    See for different ways to use threads in Qt.

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