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Latest stable Qt from GIT repo and Raspberry PI

  • I tried to cross compile Qt5 (latest stable release from GIT) for the Raspberry PI.
    It all compiles well. When testing on the PI programs like Designer run well (with xcb platform) under X Windows. When running QtQuick2 applications however i gives trouble. Using the EGLFS backend some simple qml programs segfault. A simple HelloWorld works, but doing something more complicated just crashes. Using the same qml program but using QtQuick 1 seems to work.
    Can anyone confirm that he has used the latest stable Qt5 release without problems on the PI ?
    I tried also to get Qt5.1.0 cross compiled, but there's an error when compiling qtdeclarative. Probably some build issue but it prevents me to test the Qt5.1.0 release on the PI.

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