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Qt 5.1 for Android error in Kubuntu

  • Hi to everybody

    I'm trying to use QtCreator for develop Android app and I can't. Iḿ using the oficial installer give it for the Qt download webpage for android (http://download.qt-project.org/official_releases/qt/5.1/5.1.1/qt-linux-opensource-5.1.1-android-x86_64-offline.run) and I'm using Kubuntu.

    Firt, when I start a new project the I've the following message in the General console:
    "Could not read qmake configuration file /home/freddy/Qt5.1.1/5.1.1/android_armv7/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf."

    and this file exist in this address

    after that, if I try to run the application the message that I get in the Compile Ouput console is:

    "03:12:37: Please wait, searching for a suitable device for target:android-10.
    Error while building/deploying project android2 (kit: Android for arm (GCC 4.6, Qt 5.1.1))
    When executing step 'Deploy to Android device'"

    and the Issues console say:
    " Cannot deploy: no devices or emulators found for your package."

    when I saw this, I tryed to start my AVD and it dosen't work....

    I've fine the configuration of my SDK and NDK and with the same configuration my friend run his applications in openSUSE....

    what Am I have to do ??? help me please...

    best regards..


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    I too had this issue but it got somehow solvd during testing.
    From Tools > Options > Android > "Start Android AVD Manager" create a New AVD from there and Start. Allow it to boot completely. Then close the AVD and then close Qt creator. I did this 1-2 times and then it magically worked.

  • thanks, but that it dosen't work for me...

    somebody else ???

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    Ok. Can you confirm if the "SDK platform" and the "System Image" for your target API has been downloaded to your system ?
    Goto your installation path and then "SDK > tools " and run the "android" tool. It will list what all is present and needs to be install. check your target API's info there.

  • yes...

    y SDK platform and my System Image are instaled... I think that the problem is not with the SDK because my friend and I use the same SDK but he work in openSUSE and I in Ubuntu and everything is fine for him...

    The QtCreator tell me that:
    "Could not read qmake configuration file /home/freddy/Qt5.1.1/5.1.1/android_x86/mkspecs/android-g++/qmake.conf."

    and the file address is correct... I update mi SDK and the problem is still there...

    another advice please....

    best regards


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    Just a wild guess, did you download the additional android SDKs ? The one from the website only contains the latest which is currently API-18 IIRC so you need to download the older with their manager.

    Hope it helps

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