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Multi threading with Model View framework?

  • Hi,
    Please forgive me because this is my first application in GUI as such & after reading some suggestions on this forum & the articles I have now understood the concept of Model/View framework.
    But I am unable to implement it in my multi threaded application because I am unable to decide which classes are good for multi threading. Let me tell something about my application:

    Basically I am storing a 2D array of double variables for performing scientific calculations in my application. I was previously using QTableWidget for displaying this data to the user. It was fine till array size was 1000x1000 & single threaded. But when I multi threaded the initialisation of data from reading a file, it gave very bad performance. Hence moving to Model/View framework.
    My usage is:

    Opening the file in each thread, reading data from it & setting it to the GUI. Each thread has a pre-decided set of rows which it initialises. (EX: for 1000x1000, if there are say 4 threads then thread 1 will initialise 1-250, thread 2 will initialise 251 - 500, & so on). So far I am setting the data to a double array along with the table. If I comment out the QTableWidget code then I get a tremendous performance boost. This means that my existing multi threaded code is good & the problem is only when I set the data to QTableWidget & not the double array.

    Any suggestions on how I should implement the Model/View framework?
    Thank You.

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    You should look into making your own model (QStandardItemModel or QTableModel) and use a QTableView. You are currently loading what seems to be a lot of data then duplicate it in your QTableWidget which will impact on your performance.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi SGaist,
    Can I add data to QStandardItemModel from multiple threads simultaneously?
    If yes then is it fine if I keep a pointer to the model in each thread & then add data to it from each thread?

    Also I think the QTableView should be in the GUI thread, but what about the QStandardItemModel? Is it ok to keep it in different thread without affecting performance?

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    All QObjects (including QStandardItemModel) are not thread-safe, so you cannot write to them simultaneously from multiple threads. Each object must only be accessed from one thread.

    Keep your QStandardItemModel in the GUI thread, and implement a slot to update its data. When each thread has finished initializing the data, emit a signal to tell the slot to update the QStandardItemModel.

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