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Owner-draw QGraphicsItem Problem

  • Hi,

    I have to draw a custom graphics item on QGraphicsView, but the problem is APIs of QPainter are not sufficient for me to draw the item. So I create a QPixmap which is as large as the viewport, and draw my item on the QPixmap, then draw the QPixmap by calling QPainter::drawPixmap(). But this way is inefficient and need much more memory.

    Is there any way to improve? Can I get the pixel buffer of the QGraphicsView and draw on it directly when QGraphicsItem::paint() is called?

    BTW: I use raster graphics engine.

    Thank you!

  • Dashi,

    what is missing in the QPainter API? And how do you paint on the QPixmap then? Afaik, you can't access the pixel buffer directly.

  • Hi Gerolf,

    I have some 2d NURBS curves, what I need to do is draw those curves, and fill the area enclosed. I have a function to calculate the color of each pixel in the area to be filled, so I cannot use QBrush directly.


  • You need to use QImage to draw on pixel level.

  • and the pixmap / image could be of the size of the graphics item, needn't be of graphics view

  • Hi Andre and Gerolf, thank you both!

    But the problem is: If the view is zoomed in, the item itself may be much bigger than the view...

  • And that is a problem because...?

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