Set top box application

  • Hi
    I would like to know any demo version or full version of set top box application is available with player.
    Please give me details


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What does your question has to do with Qt ?

  • Looking for Qt based set top box applications

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    Are you thinking of something like MythTV ?

  • My requirement is Set top box and for this user interface is required to access all kinds of media with only a remote command. Features should include TV and Web radio support, TV program guide, record scheduler, browsing and editing of photo and MP3 collections, playing of video, and starting external programs (for watching DVDs, TV, etc.). Differents looks through a skin system

  • In my opinion every Qt demo/sample/example should be useful for you, and I believe there is no special set-top box demo. The only requirement is that your set-top box system is supported by Qt. However, I believe set-top box user experience design rules are quite different that for desktop software, so you should really look for such subject IMHO.

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