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QApp vs. QCoreApp + Symbian active object

  • I have this issue where an active object from a Symbian library doesn't call my handler function if I use QCoreApplication but it does when I use QApplication. The problem is that I want to build a console app, I don't want a UI.

    I know that some people from the Qt team read these forums:

    • is there any difference between QApplication and QCoreApplication when it comes to setting up specific Symbian stuff suck as the trap handler, active scheduler and so on?
    • can I do what QApplication does extra by hand?
    • The app is a daemon/service. If I must use QApplication, is there a way to hide the app from the task manager? I get this by default with Qt console apps.

  • Hmm.. I'm not from Qt team, but in Symbian C++ console applications don't have active scheduler, so YOU have to install and start it. In Symbian C++ GUI app, you'll have an active scheduler installed already.

    Maybe it's the same when using QApplication/QCoreApplication. Try to create, install and start CActiveScheduler yourself when using QCoreApplication.

  • Thanks, in the end it seems that the issue was not so much with active objects, but with the fact that the API didn't work unless you have a window in the foreground, which does not happen with QCoreApplication.

  • Hello

    My qt application crashes on symbian^1 with qt 4.6.3 with user panic 44.
    The application crashes on the UI thread when deleting a QObject. The object is not a child of another object and crashes the same even if i do a deleteLater().

    It seems user panic reason=44 is related to the active scheduler somehow.

    The application doesnt crash on symbian^1 with qt 4.7.3. So qt must be doing this.

    My question is how exactly do i install the active scheduler?

  • The delete of the object happens on the closeEvent of the last visible window. Do you think this is somehow related to the crash? The window is a QDialog but not Modal.

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