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QtMobility, Multimedia and Windows - the future

  • Hi,

    I'm working on a media player for my UMPC. At the moment it is running Windows 7. I hope to replace it once with MeeGo once it supports GMA 500/600 graphics.

    I'm not sure which multimedia backend I should use. Currently I use MPlayer, but it has many problems which obviously (after reading many discussion threads) no one can solve.

    Since my player is based on QML, I would like to use QtMultimedia. But I'm not able to make version 1.1 work and 1.2TP won't even compile. Even if it worked I'm afraid it will use DirectShow on Windows. Unfortunately DirectShow is very buggy and unstable on almost all installations (partly caused by codecpacks but even on properly installed systems it fails to work flawlessly).

    So my question is: Will there be a Windows binary of QtMobility/QtMultimedia (maybe with Qt 4.8)? What backend it will use? Phonon is switching to VLC...

    Do I have any chance for a stable and working QtMultimedia on Windows in the near future or should I simply forget about it and find a different backend (Phonon, GStreamer)?

  • Bump!

    Any ideas regarding this? Unfortunately I'm now very limited in further developing of my player because of MPlayer backend. I would like to switch to something better.

    Maybe Phonon with VLC backend might be the solution. Any ideas how to setup this on Windows?

  • I' m not sure about very latest situation but there was a known bug in Qt Mobility 1.1 video for Windows. I ended up using VLC "glued" with QML using Python (PyQt). It works except you cannot have overlay between QML and VLC video, but that wasn't an issue for me. This was a story two months ago and somebody may have update now...

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