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[Solved] Qt5 for iOS with XCode 5

  • Hi

    I have updated XCode to the latest version, qt5.2 compiles following the instructions found here, but when I start the demo app in the simulator the screen is black. With the previous version of XCode the application ran normally. Are there known issues of Qt5.2 with XCode 5 ?


  • I have not been able to run the sample app found in the above link, but my Qt/QML application runs on iOS, so I am marking this thread as solved.

  • do you have a place in your xcode project where you specify a bundle identifier ? the generated xcode project seems to be missing a lot of details that you get when you make a native iphone app.

    i'm just wondering how you can add an app generated using qt to a real device.

  • I have only used the simulator, but once you have the xcode project probably you should be able to add a bundle ID following xcode guidelines.

  • thank you for your reply.

    i just found out if i enable ios support in the device settings (in qtcreator), the xcode project qtcreator generates does have the "general" tab and the "bundle identifier".

    i called qmake myself (and from the wrong architecture, at that.. iphone 4s is arm not i386...)

    so many many mistakes :)

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