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Android File System Access

  • Hi, I am working on a Media player Application using QML and Qt on Android platform. I was able to develop a media player which can play video files. Now i want to implement PlayList for the player , which should display all the video files which are stored inside a particular directory.
    I found in QML i can use FolderListModel Element. I was able to use it on Desktop which will show the contents of the directory which is provided to FolderListModel using "folder" property. And i was trying te same thing on Android platform and does not show anything.
    ListView {
    width: 400; height: 400
    FolderListModel {
    id: folderModel
    folder: "/mnt/sdcard"
    Component {
    id: fileDelegate
    Text { text: fileName }
    model: folderModel
    delegate: fileDelegate

    And in AndroidManifest.xml i have added permission for READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.. That too doesn't help. Is there any other option to access files stored inside a particular directory on Android.

  • I used in a similar scenario:

    source: "file:///sdcard/DCIM/test.mp4" /

    "sdcard" is the entry point for the file system.

  • Thanks... I missed that "file://" part... now its working..

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